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Organic Farming and Home Farming in Telangana

  Organic Farming and Home Farming in Telangana No Doubt Corona Virus has stamped memorable moments on every Human Life both Good and Bad, it was a heartwarming situation for many people as they came out of the rushing world and spent Beautiful time with their loved ones, at the same time other side people were searching for food and safe shelter in the middle of the Pandemic. In this Context as people were thinking more about WHY this happened, Every one started realizing more Fascinating facts and thus the concept of "Organic Farming and Home Farming ( Roof Gardening) has came in to light. Organic Farming is an Amazing Agriculture Practice which use Manure compost, Green compost and so many other ways with out using any artificial Pesticides. People are now using "Jeevamrutham" a composition of Neem leaves soaked in the Cow Urine. Of course this was followed in India before widely. All the Vegetables and Fruits which are farmed in Organic ways are more Healthy for life

Good news for Sabarimala pilgrims from TSRTC

  Good news for Sabarimala pilgrims from TSRTC Here is a good news for Sabarimala pilgrims from TSRTC. TSRTC is now providing bus service from Hyderabad / Telangana to Shabarimala Kerala. The price will be between 47 to 49 rupees per kilometer and there are different seating capacity buses available. Usually during this time trains towards shabarimala will be full and there will not be any  vacancy. This bus service will be more helpful for many ayyappa swamy pilgrims who should visit shabarimala during this season. Ayyappas from Telangana usually go in their own hired vehicles to shabarimala which would cost more for them. If they opt for these buses it would be easy for them. Reach out to your nearest bus depot for more accurate details. Have a safe and happy sabarimala yatra. Swamiye sharanam ayyappa. Visit Website :

Telangana Shopping

  Telangana Shopping Telangana Shopping is a website here all Business People can Register for free and post their Business Details, Product listings and can do many things to improve their business. These all things are for free now.  We will be introducing more exiting options in the website soon like SHOP page with ecommerce facilities, Jobs Portal, Matrimony and many other things. Currently We are offering Webpage for Business where they can give about their business and products, Can have their Whatsapp chat Button, Call button etc. We also develop Personalized websites and eCommerce stores for Business. తెలంగాణ షాపింగ్... ఒక వెబ్సైటు తెలంగాణ లో వున్న అందరికోసం తయారు చేయబడింది... మీ బిజినెస్ వివరాలని ఇక్కడ పోస్ట్ చేసి మీరు ఎక్కువ బిజినెస్ ని పొందవచ్చు... మీరు మీ వివరాలు పోస్ట్ చేయటానికి ఇక్కడ చాలా క్యాటగిరీస్ ఉన్నాయ్. Visit our website telangana shopping . Contact us on 9490670319